Dealing Effectively with Latissimus Dorsi Spasm Issues

latissimus dorsi, known
commonly as lats refers to two broad and
flat muscles found on either side of back. They directly attach to spinal
column, affecting shoulder rotation and back strength by pulling on shoulder
blades. It is usual for the muscles to develop knots due to overuse, injury or
sedentary lifestyle. These result from tension within the muscles, occasioning
Latissimus Dorsi spasm cases. Muscle knots may cause moderate pain as well as
complicate mobility. Normally short-lived however, they are not typically indicative
of any serious underlying condition. If these knots fail to stop after several
days or severe pain occurs, it is prudent to consult a physician for further

You may take different steps in order to keep
off muscle spasm incidences. First is practicing good posture. Sitting in
awkward and uncomfortable positions or hunching over computer could lead to
development of muscle knots. Ensure taking frequent breaks in order to perform
Latissimus Dorsi stretches or walk around office for instance, if working
within an office environment. Read the rest of this entry »

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